Home Room Parents


HomeRoom Coordinator/HomeRoom Parents Information

The Ben Franklin PTO seeks parents to help out in the classrooms each fall. Based upon information you submit in your PTO Welcome Packet, each classroom will be assigned one homeroom coordinator. If there is more than one volunteer, a lottery will be performed. The responsibility of the homeroom coordinator is to be the liaison with the teacher and the other homeroom parents throughout the school year. The homeroom coordinator will help to organize classroom activities and assist the teacher with classroom needs.

Parents may also sign-up to be a homeroom parent. Homeroom Parents assist the coordinator with activities throughout the year. Every parent who volunteers to be a homeroom parent will be utilized during the year.

Guidelines for Homeroom Coordinator Parents


  1. INITIAL CONTACT:  Meet, email or call the teacher and identify yourself as the “Homeroom Coordinator Parent” as soon as you are notified by the PTO that you have been selected as the class Homeroom Coordinator and prior to Back-to-School Night.


  • Talk with the teacher and find out how many parties that they would like to have for the year. (Examples:  Halloween, Thanksgiving, Winter, Valentine’s Day, Spring and End of the Year).
  • Ask the homeroom parents to take a party to be in charge of/sign-up to bring in specific items for each party, perhaps at Back to School Night, this will give all parents a chance to participate in their child’s classroom.
  • Make a spreadsheet that lists all the parties, the parent in charge, and what everyone signed up for.
  • Distribute the list to the teacher and the parents.
  • The person in charge of the party should email or call all parents who signed up the week before the party to remind them of what they signed up for.


Please Note: Because some classes have a large number of homeroom parents, the teacher may request that not all the parents attend every party.  Please communicate your teacher’s wishes to the other homeroom parents.


  1. Other:
  • In January, the PTO will contact you and request you solicit a parent volunteer to send in cupcakes for the class to celebrate Benjamin Franklin’s birthday.
  • In February, the PTO will contact you and request you contact your teacher and inquire if he or she would like you to arrange for a special treat brought in for the class to celebrate Dr. Suess’ birthday.
  • National Teacher Appreciation Week is in early May.  The PTO will contact you and ask that you do a little something special that week for your teacher. You may have the students create a craft with pictures/handprints, a class book, a gift card, fruit bouquet, baked treat or anything that will make your teacher feel special.


  1. CONTACT INFO:  You may wish to collect email addresses at back to school night and distribute to other homeroom parents for necessary correspondence.


  1. CLASS GIFTS:  If you should choose to organize a classroom gift, and are asking for monetary donations from families, please be conservative in your requests (maximum of $10.00).  Many families have multiple children in the school and/or may not have the financial means to participate.  Be sure to let families know that participation is voluntary and you will include all children’s names on the gift.  Seasonal organized gifts are optional.



If you have any questions, contact Carrie Spiteri.  Application forms to apply for a Home Room Parent position can be found here or under the forms section on the main Volunteer Opportunities page.